10 Tips For Better Business Presentations

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 Did you ever get an opportunity to present in front of a board? If yes, then you must know how essential business presentations are. 

It is safe to say that business presentations are the key ingredient and can make or break your career. Because of this, it is essential that you come up with a brilliant idea to handle your business presentation strategy.

While getting ready for a business presentation may sound scary, it is not. And if you do not know where to start with your business strategy, you have come to just the right place!

But before diving into business presentation strategies, let’s take a look at what exactly a business presentation is.

10 tips for an amazing business presentation

In simpler terms, one can define a business presentation as formal information about a particular service or product in the business. Usually, the presentation is carried out using audio and visual presentation materials, such as a whiteboard, statistical documents, or projectors.

Regardless of whether your business presentation is for a prospective investor or a routine presentation for your team, it needs to be engaging! Otherwise, if people do not find it engaging or interesting, they might doze off during your presentation. 

But how can you make a better business presentation that is engaging and interesting and delivers the message? Well, here are some tips that will help you make a good business presentation!

1. Know your material well


Before you try to convince others about your idea, you need to know it well. You must know the points and arguments you are making, inside and out.

You will likely be using audio and visual presentation materials, like projectors and a PowerPoint presentation for your presentation. While it is okay to rely on the material, please do not rely on it too much, as that can bore others.

 Your knowledge of the topic should be beyond the points of your presentation. This way, you can answer any question that pops up in the meeting!

2. Arrive early for the presentation

Not being aware of the space you will be speaking in may have a negative impact on your business presentation. Now, this does not mean that you need to know the room inside out. Getting an idea of how the setup is going to help you be confident with your presentation. You can reach the location/room an hour before the presentation to make sure everything is in place.

3. Open on a strong note

These days, the attention span of the audience has decreased drastically, and they tend to get bored quickly. For the same reason, it is essential that you set the tone of your presentation right by starting it on the right notes and grabbing your audience’s attention!

For instance, you can start your presentation by showing statistical data that keeps them hooked to your presentation to know more! Now, do not alarm the audience with a strong opening. Instead, use assuring sentences like “You all must be wondering about this…” or “I know the statistics look a little alarming but research has led to…”.

Alternatively, you can even start with a video that instantly grabs your audience’s attention or use an interesting image.

4. Tell a story through your presentation

Statistics, quotations, or even academic points may not connect with the audience the way a story does. A story can either be personal or about the brand or product that you intend to present. In addition, you can even talk about a customer experience to engage the audience. 

You can start your business presentation by highlighting the problem first. And then slowly dive into how your idea or pitch can help solve the problem. Make sure that you keep the audience engaged till the end!

5. Keep the business presentation interactive

If you keep talking and stating facts and statistics in front of your audience, they might get bored and lose interest. The key is to involve them in your presentation and keep them engaged. After presenting a significant chunk of your presentation, you can do a mini questionnaire or take their feedback to ensure they are with you! Interacting with your audience will help them stay connected to your presentation.

6. Incorporate more visual information in your presentation


The advantage of visual information is that it helps people retain data for a longer time. While most people tend to forget textual information pretty quickly, visual information stays in their minds for a longer time. You can incorporate this in your business presentation to ensure that your message reaches your audience! Also, no, visual information does not make a business presentation boring. On the contrary, it adds an interesting element to your presentation that keeps the audience hooked throughout.

You can use pictures, videos, or even art illustrations to put your point across through your business presentation. Additionally, you can use visual flowcharts to break down a complex topic into more straightforward points. Pie charts or bar graphs can also be used.

For professional yet engaging presentation slides, you can check out online tools like Visme. They have a wide range of business presentation templates that can make your presentation stand out from the rest!

7. Remember the 10-20-30 rule

Have you ever heard of this rule before? If not, let me explain it in detail for you. 

Venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki formulated this rule back in 2005. He had sat through plenty of bad and unorganized presentations before developing this rule. 

Here is what the 10-20-30 rule means:

  • 10 refers to the number of slides in your presentation. This number gives your audience a fair idea about summing up their thoughts. Any more than 10 slides and they might tend to lose focus and interest.
  • 20 refers to the length of the presentation. In approximately 20 minutes, you should be able to put across your message through your presentation and wrap up. The rest of your time should be used for a Questions & Answers session with your audience.
  • 30 refers to the font size in your presentation. The 30 pt font used in the presentation should be big enough even for the audience sitting at the back of the presentation room. With this being said, your presentation should have minimal words but be more prominent in size!

8. Maintain eye contact

Standing in front of the audience and spitting out facts and statistics may lead to a negative impact on the audience. On the other hand, the audience may respond better if you interact and engage with them. 

You can even make eye contact and keep a slight smile on your face. When you do this, it reassures the audience that you are paying attention to each of them individually. Additionally, it may also reassure the audience that their time is being valued.

9. Be prepared for questions from the audience

Your business presentation is only half of the battle. The next half is the Q&A session from the audience. This session can help decide the success of your entire presentation, regardless of how well you put across your ideas in the first half. In addition, you should be prepared for any type of questions thrown at you by the audience.

Keep in mind that people will put their trust in your ideas and business only if they feel that you are well aware of what you are doing. However, if the presentation ends in awkward silence, do not let it get to you. Instead, take charge and initiate conversations with the audience.

10. End your business presentation on a high note

Once you are done with the Q&A part, it is vital that you have an ending note. Again, you can use a presentation slide for it, although it is not necessary.

The conclusion of your presentation should be assertive and leave a positive impact on your audience. This will help them remember you and your business presentation. Just like the opening of the presentation, you can choose a personal story or a quotation for the closing.

Alternatively, you can quickly sum up the main pointers and goals of your presentation. This will help ensure that your presentation stays fresh in the minds of your audience. Finally, make sure that your facts and ideas show that success can be achieved!

Final thoughts

A business presentation that is to be presented in front of a huge crowd can get a little intimidating. While there is no shortcut to cracking a business presentation, these tips can help you!

 The secret to ensuring your business presentation goes well is giving your best and connecting with your audience. If you are confident enough in your presentation and know your material inside and out, that should do the trick! Additionally, interacting with the audience to make sure that they are on the same page as you is something that will definitely work in your favor.

 If you found this article helpful, do let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear your thoughts or your experience of presenting your next business presentation.

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