5 Tips To Grow Your Social Media Following

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A whopping 2853 million people use Facebook as an interactive social platform. Youtube comes a close second with 2291 million subscribers and Instagram is catching up with them with 1386 million subscribers. 

Whether you are a start-up or a well-established business, having a strong social media presence will only add a dash of personality to your company. It is a great platform to connect with your existing customers and also gain new ones in the way.

The statistics above show a huge number if you think of them as potential customers for your business. Wouldn’t you want to leverage the reach of such hugely popular social media platforms for your business? 

Having a social media follower base acts as a gateway to multiple opportunities to enhance your business and also makes an impact on your brand value. You can connect with your customers in different ways and also encourage new visitors to look through your business website. All these ways are great to enhance the flow of traffic to your website and generate conversions, thereby increasing revenue.

But to reach out to more people worldwide, it is important to grow your followers on social media sites. Let’s learn about how you can grow your social media flowers quickly and organically in this guide.

5 unstoppable ways to grow your social media followers

There can be an initial hurdle to grow your followers on social media platforms. But if you have the right strategies in place, you can quickly create a loyal fan following which can help your brand get the due exposure online. For instance, if you want to tap the potential customers from Instagram, you must have a social media strategy that focuses mainly on the Instagram platform.

1. Choose quality over quantity


Wondering how to build your Instagram followers? The answer is simple. Choose quality over quantity any day. Leverage the reach of Instagram but give it time. Have a budget for your social media strategy and share valuable content. Post at least thrice every week. Keep sharing those posts to other social media platforms sporadically to be of relevance in the minds of your audience. For instance, you can post videos on YouTube and share those videos on your Instagram page. You can also transcribe YouTube videos for reaching out to a larger audience. You will start seeing benefits within a short time.

Many social media marketers consider it a marketing success when they can create a good number of viral posts. But that’s not how you should measure your brand recognition. Your marketing strategy should be to create posts that will engage your audience and spark interest amongst your page visitors. Only then you will be able to turn the visitors into your followers.

Post valuable content with a touch of humor in them. Humor interests a lot of people and wit is a great entertainer too. If you know the mantra of entertaining your audience, you will be able to gain new followers quickly.

2. Consistency is the key


An effective way of gaining constant social media followers is to maintain consistency in your posts. There are various aspects of posting content on Instagram and other social media pages.

You must maintain a proper schedule of posting around three content a week. More than three can be too many for your audience. Posting less than three can affect your relevance in their mind. You must know the right number of posts to share with your audience and follow the regularity for them.

The voice and the tone of your content should be witty and friendly. The content should have a human touch in it so that it strikes the right chord with your audience. Especially in the case of videos and reels, you must be careful with the voice and tone of the content.

Don’t forget to respond to the comments that flow in. Reply to as many queries as you can. Say thank you to all the compliments that you receive and take constructive feedback with a positive mindset. It is a great way to stay relevant on your follower’s feeds.

When you maintain consistency on Instagram and other social media channels, it can strengthen your business brand and also build a reputation for it. This practice will also enhance your credibility and build reliability amongst your followers. It might take time, but once you have built the credibility of your brand, your page followers will recommend you to others thereby enhancing your popularity on the social media channels.

3. Tag your posts correctly

Instagram is all about posts with relevant hashtags. They help you in reaching out to more people in the most convenient manner. Hashtags are the tags with which people look for posts on Instagram and Facebook. So when you use relevant hashtags with your posts, your content becomes easily discoverable by people.

Following the hashtags, people tend to visit your page and look through the rest of the content. If they like what they see, they tend to take quick action and start following your page instantly. Needless to mention that hashtags can help you in enhancing your social media followers quickly.

You can use up to 30 hashtags in a single post on Instagram. But you can fetch the best of results when you use an average of 11 relevant hashtags per post. Lookup for the most relevant and popular hashtags that are trending on Instagram and use them strategically. A great way to create relevant content is to look up the most trending hashtags that are relevant for your business and then build the content around those.

This is a sure-shot way of being in relevance on various social media platforms. Your content will pop up within the search results of those people’s feeds.

4. Use the algorithm behind Instagram


Like Google, Instagram has an algorithm that it follows for its subscribers. You can use this algorithm to give an edge to your page.

Certain factors determine what will show up on your followers’ feed. Those factors are Timeliness, Interest, Frequency, Relationship, Usage, and Following.

  • Timeliness: How relevant and recent is the post
  • Interest: How much a person will like a post depending on his past activity on Instagram
  • Frequency: How often does a person log in to Instagram
  • Relationship: Who and what a person engages with regularly on the Instagram app
  • Usage: How much time is spend on Instagram at one session and how often does a person log in on Instagram
  • Following: Which are the pages and posts that a person follows

With the help of these factors, the Instagram algorithm decides which content is best suitable for an individual user. But when you create relevant high-quality content, all these factors are automatically taken care of.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment

When it comes to posting content on social media, it is much more than just photos. There are several ways in which you can create and share content on social media. Mix and match a variety of content to keep the interest of your audience growing. Connect to a broader range of people with good quality variable content. It is one of the best ways to add more followers to your page.

Contents like carousel and reels have their advantages. While videos make a larger impact on people, some like to prefer browsing the carousel posts. Instagram videos can be 60 minutes long and are excellent for sharing on YouTube as well.

Instagram stories are effective to create an image of your brand too, although they disappear after 24 hours. You might feel a little overwhelmed with the average engagement rate for different content types on Instagram. But keeping the argument aside, the best strategy to follow is to use a variety of content types for your social media posts.


Growing your followers on social media might be a challenge in your initial days. But if you follow the right strategies and techniques, it is not much of a hurdle. Create and follow the right layout, work on the overall theme and look of your social media page, add value to the content that you share for your followers. Use help from Influencers and other brands. Check out what your rivals are working on. Follow their path and avoid their mistakes.

At the end of the day, growing social media followers is nothing but a simple yet deadly combination of creative, unique, high-quality content targeted towards the right audience. Add to that, the right kind of promotion with the best techniques and strategies.

Perhaps the easiest way of gaining more followers on social media is to think of your followers as your community. You need to put that thought across to your followers too. Does it sound corny? Might be so. Nonetheless, it is a true and honest thought. 

When you think of your page followers as your community, social media becomes a fun place to build your brand. And when you have a community to manage, there is no competition whatsoever. It is only fun and frolic with lots of loyal love all the way.



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