7 Ideas for Online Startups in 2021

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There are many people starting their own businesses in 2020, which is both encouraging and questionable. On the one hand, it gives you hope that you can be successful even while facing the worldwide pandemic.

On the other hand, you understand that as the number of online businesses is growing, so is the competition. But competition is a normal phenomenon in the online business market, and to be successful, you need to start with a good idea that will work out even in a competitive market.

Therefore today, we will share a list of 7 ideas that you can use to build your own online business in 2021; you can check it out below.

Idea #1: Selling Custom T-Shirts

Even though a t-shirt may seem like a very basic product, it is no longer basic if you customize it. Therefore, selling custom t-shirts by using a print on demand platform like could be a great idea.

First of all, the product has demand because as the t-shirts are custom, they can be a great gift idea or way of expressing a statement. Secondly, by using a print on demand platform, you would only have to invest in the advertisement because everything else would be taken care of by the POD service.

Idea #2: Selling Crafts

As there are a lot of mass-produced products in the market nowadays, people value original, hand-made products much more. It could be anything, starting from hand-crafted bracelets and ending with knitted sweaters for cats and dogs.

More to it, right now, there are such platforms like Etsy and tools like Facebook Shops that make selling these kinds of crafts much easier.

Idea #3: Logo Designer

If you have great graphic design skills and you want to become an even better professional than you are today, you can focus on one specific field, like logo design.

And as the online business market is currently booming, every new business will need a logo design. You can start looking for your first customers by participating in such logo design contests as 99designs or registering for freelancer websites like Fiverr or Upwork.

Idea #4: Social Media Consultant

As mentioned before, a lot of people are starting their own businesses lately because they lost their jobs because of the pandemic or just want to be sure they will always have a job that will give them the ability to work from home.

More to it, not all of these young entrepreneurs have a big budget to invest and purchase products, fabrics, build a fancy website, and whatnot. Therefore, some start with a Facebook business page, which will also need strategic help. And if you know social media well, this could be a great opportunity for you.

Idea #5: Remote Assistant

If you do not have a lot of experience in a specific field but still want to earn some extra money online, you can start working as a remote assistant. This kind of job will include many different tasks that will depend on the company you choose.

Becoming a remote assistant is a great opportunity to gain new skills and experience for your future dream job. Or, maybe you can build an agency out of more people that also want to become remote assistants.

Idea #6: App Developer

If technology is the niche you know a lot about, becoming an app developer could become your primary job. As people are using technology devices more than ever before, it seems that technological growth will be a very potential field to start working in for quite a while.

You will have to start off with already having a package of developing skills and build yourself a portfolio. It is best if the portfolio can show off how creative and skilled you are as a professional. And to find your first clients, go through Facebook freelancer groups, and use websites like Upwork and Fiverr. 

Idea #7: Selling Your Own Prints

Selling your own prints is another business idea for people who have graphic design skills. First, come up with a few designs that would look great in a frame, print them in a local printing shop, or by using a print on demand service, and you can start selling them.

It is up to you which platforms you want to use to sell your prints because there are quite a few potential ones to choose from, like Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, local craft websites, and marketing through your own website.

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