7 Tips To Narrow The Hiring Process For Your Company

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Seeking new talent is always a challenge for any company or business. 

In today’s competitive world, companies always compete to pull in the best talents in the market. 

Failing to acquire the right skills and talents can be a huge setback for any business.

That is where a strategic hiring process can make all the difference. 

To start with, let’s understand what the hiring process is.

Any hiring process involves step-by-step methods to get the best-skilled employees into the company. The process has three important elements – finding, recruiting, and ultimately hiring. 

This article is an effort to compile seven tips to narrow the hiring process for your company. 

Here we will outline some necessary steps to improve the hiring process for successfully achieving your talent hunt objectives.

7 Tips to narrow the hiring process for your company

An effective and well-thought hiring process is necessary to attract and retain the best minds in the required workplace. 

Every company’s hiring process may be unique based on its requirements and feasibility. But some general steps can be followed by every business to attract and hire the best-qualified individuals.

Without any further ado, let’s get to the top seven tips that will help you narrow the hiring process and find the right talent. 

Tip 1: Find the right candidate profile

A candidate profile is a crucial part of any hiring process. 

Every job needs specific knowledge, skills, and experience. Therefore, you can not simply call every candidate for screening. 

Also, just having skills or experience does not make someone suitable for a job. There is something more than just knowledge or skills. You also need someone who can adapt to the work culture and abides by the company values.

That is why you have to figure out what qualities you need for candidate onboarding. Accordingly, you can prepare a perfect candidate profile, specifying every detail. 

Once you have figured out and come up with a suitable candidate profile, you can create the right job advertisement.

Tip 2: Write a clear and detailed job description


A job description is the most important part of hiring the right candidate. A well-crafted job description is necessary for hiring the right talent pool.

It serves as the initial communication with the job seekers. Hence the clearer you make it, the better chances to attract the best match for your company.

Never miss out on these elements in your job description.

a) Time commitment: Always specify whether the job is full-time or part-time. Also, mention the hourly requirements every day and if additional work may be required on weekends.

b) Responsibilities: Clearly list out the duties the new joiner has to perform as part of their everyday work. This will help the candidates to have a clear idea about their responsibilities. So, accordingly, they can decide if they can perform and whether the job is suitable for them or not.

c) Qualifications & Skills: The job description must mention the minimum qualifications and skills required for the job. You can even set a screening based on the qualification and skill requirements. Such screening will filter out the unfit candidates in the preliminary stage itself.

d) Salary & Perks: Many companies like not to disclose the salaries in their job description. But mentioning the salary range and perks and additional benefits can help the candidates decide better. 

It should not happen that you lose candidates halfway through the hiring process because their salary expectations were higher than your offerings.

e) Values: Mentioning the company’s core values can help the candidates decide if their goals align with yours. Having similar goals can be fruitful for creating a good and harmonious work culture.

Tip 3: Focus on building a talent pipeline

Building a talent pipeline(a group of candidates you have already screened and considered fit for a role) is one of the best ways to reduce hiring time.

Why waste time on the whole hiring process, from advertising to recruiting? 

Just reach out to the candidates in your talent pipeline and fill your vacancy. That’s better than the whole process, isn’t it?

Here are some essential tips for building a talent pipeline for your speed dial. 

  • List out the positions for which you often hire.
  • Figure out your requirements(qualifications, skills, and experience) for such roles.
  • Find out the possible channels(social media, sourcing, or referrals) where you will most likely get the best-fit candidates.
  • If you find some good ideal candidates, even if there is no current vacancy, stay connected with them.
  • To maintain engagement, keep sharing personalized messages and some meaningful content.

Tip 4: Hire faster by accelerating sourcing


Sourcing isn’t a part of the actual hiring process. However, it can be the right step towards acquiring the best-suited talent pool for your company.  

But you have to be adept at the ratio of good to poor applications. Knowing the ratio will help you know if there is a slowdown in your sourcing channel. 

If your applicant-to-interview ratio is more than 12%, it means you are sourcing a great number of good candidates.

Here are some suggested methods to improve your sourcing score if it is not satisfactory.

a) Targeted advertising: You can run paid ad campaigns targeting certain groups to announce your job openings. You can also run awareness campaigns about your requirements to receive some best-deserving applicants.

b) Social media sourcing: You can also source your potential candidates from online social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also target specific user groups to get the right applications. 

Similarly, you can also use offline events for hunting talents. Industry gatherings and meetups can be the best place for this purpose.

c) Referrals: Among all the methods, referrals are probably the best way candidates can learn about your job openings. Work on eye-catching referral schemes and reward mechanisms for employees, helping you find the right talent.

d) Reach out to online talent databases: Online job portals, including Indeed, often have millions of resumes in their database. You can reach out to these platforms and run advanced search options to shortlist candidates who are likely to make the best fit for your company.

Tip 5: Call only the right candidates for face to face interview

Conducting a 1:1 meeting with candidates is a great way to know your potential candidates better. 

It often happens that after interviewing for about 5 minutes, your team realizes the candidate isn’t suitable. That leads to a waste of time for your recruiting team and the candidate.

This wastage of time and resources can be avoided by including a more filtered process. 

You can ask candidates to upload a pre-recorded video and the application process. That will help you assess the candidate’s fitness in your business organization from the video itself. 

Tip 6: Use new age candidate screening process


Any hiring process involves multiple screening rounds. And with each screening round, your recruiting team has to go through a pile of manual work.

Truly speaking, this stage is one of the most time-consuming and tiring tasks. The high amount of manual work may even lead to missing out on potential candidates. It’s almost impossible to screen the candidates accurately.

That is why you should switch to the new age screening solutions. The AI-powered automation process can deal with the entire process without any hassle.

You can automate the processes through filtering resumes, application tracking, setting an initial screening process, and conducting skill assessments.  

For example, Microsoft Excel assessment works best if you would like to hire a candidate with exceptional Excel skills. This assessment will help you evaluate the capability of a candidate to understand and interpret Excel sheets and perform basic and advanced calculations as well as manipulate tables and do a variety of other stuff.  

Tip 7: Communicate better engagement programs


Candidate engagement is an important part of any hiring process. Learn more here with Alaya about how candidate engagement can make a big difference to your talent hunt process.

The hiring process can go on from a few days to a few weeks. If you don’t keep the candidates engaged during this period, their chances of simply walking away are very high.

You can utilize the power of recruitment software tools to keep the candidates engaged throughout the process. 

Email automation, for instance, is an effective way to keep your candidates in the loop. They can periodically get an update about their application status. 

Start working on a personalized email template to keep your candidates engaged during the entire time of your hiring process.

To sum up

Every company wants to stay ahead of its competitors when it comes to hiring the right talent. 

More important than hiring is timely hiring of the right talent. 

You can fast-forward recruiting the right candidates using the latest HR management tools. They will do the necessary automation and set a streamlined hiring process.  

These seven tips are among several other tips you can adopt to narrow the hiring process for your company. 

You can only find exceptional talent when you narrow down your hiring process to include robust strategies that help your source the right talent. 

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