8 Google Ads Tips to Increase Online Sales

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If you want to run a successful marketing campaign that will boost your online sales, you will have to understand that it consists of many different components and requires consistent work.

First of all, an effective digital marketing campaign needs to have a clear goal and the right tools to be able to reach it. Then, it requires structured planning and insightful strategy.

If you are already running an online store and wish to boost its sales, today we are about to share eight tips to do that by using the Google Ads platform as one of the primary tools. 

Tip #1: Know Your Goals

Even though Google Ads is an integral part of strategy if you want to run a successful online business, the Google Ads platform is more of a tool than a strategy itself. 

Therefore, it is important to incorporate Google Ads as an effective part of your digital marketing strategy focusing on certain goals, like increasing brand awareness. If your marketing campaign’s primary goal is to grow brand awareness, then your ad campaigns on the Google Ads platform should have the same one.

Tip #2: Use a Keyword Planner

Secondly, you will need to choose the keywords that fit your niche best and can help you reach your goals. 

One of the things to remember when planning the right keywords for your business is that it is always convenient to use an effective keywords planner, especially if you have never used Google Ads before. 

Tip #3: Work on Your Landing Page

Your website’s landing page is where your potential customers will be directed after clicking on your ad, and it is your only chance at making the first impression. Therefore, if you want Google Ads to help you boost your online sales, you need to optimize the landing pages first.

A couple of things to concentrate on are user-friendly design, easily noticeable information, and the website’s responsiveness. 

Tip #4: Make Sure That the Landing Page Fits the Ad Copy

When you are sure that the landing page is working just the way it should and is easily navigable, you need to confirm that the content your website visitor will see on your website fits the ad copy that they saw on Google Search.

If your ad copy is written well but is not relevant to what a person sees after clicking the ad, it will only cost you money for clicks rather than bring in profits. 

Tip #5: Use Negative Keywords

To increase the profits that you make from your online business, you have to decrease unnecessary expenses. For example, a lot of businesses that use Google Ads add generic keywords for a bigger reach.

However, a bigger reach can often cost more than bring profits. If you are selling prescription glasses and use the keyword “glasses,” your ads will be shown on such searches as “sunglasses.” To avoid that, add the word “sun” to your negative keyword list.

Tip #6: Mix Keywords Match Types for the Best Result

Speaking about generic keywords, they are good for your reach but not always good for your money. On the other hand, using the exact match keywords brings in a lot less traffic, but it ensures higher conversion rates.

Therefore, the optimal solution is to use both types of keyword match types, broad and exact. This way, you will still have a pretty solid reach on Google and a good percentage of conversions.

Tip #7: Do A/B Testing on Ad Copies

When it comes to ad copy, one word, even one change in punctuation can change the results it will bring. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to predict which one of many similar ad copies will perform best, so to figure out that, use A/B testing.

To do so, write one ad copy and another similar one. Launch them both at the same time and after evaluating the results, keep the one that is performing better. 

Tip #8: Use Ad Extensions 

There are various extensions on Google Ads that can help you promote your product or service better, such as Price, Sitelink, Call, Location, and other extensions. For example, if you use a sitelink extension on an ad, your potential customer will be able to enter a specific part of your website directly. 

Let’s say you are selling clothes. By using these extensions, you can add sitelinks called “for men,” “for women,” and “for children.” This will save time and ensure the person that you have exactly what was searched for.

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