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The Six Basic Human Needs That Influence Our Behaviors by Tony Robbins

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Whatever your goal, desire or lifestyle, there are six fundamental needs that primarily drive human behavior. While everyone has these needs, we value them differently, and our journey to satisfy them will be different. However, these underlying needs have an inarguable impact on our actions.

By understanding these human needs, not only you’ll be able to discipline your own behaviors towards success, but you will also be able to influence others. For example, you can motivate the people around you or in your team to work harder, or influence your customers to pay you more…

The Six Basic Human Needs by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins (aka Anthony Robbins) has always been intrigued by human behavior, and what motivates an individual’s actions. Studying Neural Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Therapy , Gestalt Therapy and many other therapies of the time, he introduced The Six Human Needs in 2006, based on the foundation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Understanding these basic needs will undoubtedly provide insight into your behaviors and allow you to modify your actions.

Just in case you don’t know who Tony Robbins is, he is a successful businessman, an accomplished author, and a renowned philanthropist. Focusing on a range of personal development topics, he has produced a number of best-selling books and forged a reputation as a leader in his field. Widely known for his infomercials and self-help books, Tony has been advising other business leaders for close to 40 years.

Through his various training programs, Tony has made a tremendous impact worldwide, with a presence in over 100 countries. Credited with developing one of the best personal and professional development programs available, his seminars have been delivered to millions of people over the years.

Below are the 6 Human Needs according to Tony Robbins.

Need 1: Certainty/Comfort

The first need is the desire to have certainty. Feeling like we’re in control of our lives, and that we know what’s coming next allows us to feel secure. At a minimum, it stems from our desire to minimize pain and experience pleasure. This certainty is a survival mechanism. It impacts the level of risk we’re comfortable with, whether in our personal or professional life. If an individual’s desire for certainty is strong, they will undoubtedly be less of a risk-taker.

Need 2: Uncertainty/Variety

While some people would claim that they like surprises, they are generally referring to positive surprises; surprises we don’t want are called “problems.” However, we need these issues to give us character–it’s impossible to develop character without some resistance.

Need 3: Significance

It is a human desire to feel unique and needed. Our journey to find significance can manifest itself in various ways. It can be achieved by earning a lot of money, pursuing a high level of education, or building a massive social media following. Some may get it by becoming a well-known TV personality or getting tattoos or piercings that allow them to stand out. Others may feel more significance through demonstrating the magnitude of their problems or trying to elicit sympathy from others. Some may achieve a sense of importance by striving to be more spiritually minded or self- aware.

Spending a lot of money can make you feel significant, and so can paying very little. Many of us have acquaintances that always brag about deals they’ve gotten, or go to great lengths to demonstrate how sustainable their lifestyle is.

Need 4: Love & Connection

The fourth need is the desire for love and connection. A human emotion that we all crave, people may seek to find love through a relationship, intimacy, or connecting with nature. Or, many people may seek out a pet to satisfy this desire.

Tony Robbins coined the first four as needs that support the “personality.” In some way, everyone finds different ways to satisfy these needs

The final two are needs that enrich our “spirits.” These are less common; not everybody can achieve these. Robbins believed that with these last two needs met, we’re able to reach true fulfillment.

Need 5: Growth

Many of us have heard the phrase, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” Likewise, this can apply to relationships, business or life. If you’re not moving ahead, you will not feel fulfilled. We all have a need for growth and being able to provide something meaningful to others.

Need 6: Contribution

Think about your immediate response to hearing some great news. Whether it’s a promotion at work or the birth of a child, most of us will call someone and tell them about it. Why? Because we all have a desire to share and contribute. Sharing enhances our feelings and deepens our experiences.

As humans, we strive to have a meaningful existence. Consequently, it’s through what we are able to contribute, rather than what we are given, that makes us feel fulfilled.

Consider where money enters into this equation and fulfills these needs. Of course, money can provide us with certainty, variety, and a sense of significance in the world. However, it cannot give us a real sense of connection or authentic, unconditional love. It can provide us with surface connections, masquerading as love. It can attract relationships, although often not the deep, genuine relationships that fulfill us. Money can allow your business to grow or give you the capability to contribute money to a worthy cause.

Robbins believed that people who yearn for significance in their lives could never be satisfied by money or material wealth.

Our value in life shouldn’t come from external things but from internal things. We must value ourselves, instead of relying on the opinions of others. People can shower us with endless compliments or hurtful insults—but in the end, it’s our self-worth that will make the biggest impact. Knowing that you are continuously growing and pushing yourself, doing and giving more will leave you feeling more fulfilled than any external factors could. The wealthiest people on earth are those who have a genuine and authentic sense of appreciation.

How are you meeting your Six Human Needs?

At different phases of life and personal development, we all naturally value different needs for different reasons. In the end, creating a fulfilling, successful and happy life will likely weave a positive balance between all six of these Human Needs.

So, are you satisfying all 6 needs with your current career and life? Do you wish your career made more of an impact on the world?

I don’t know about you, but I believe that besides earning an income from doing what you enjoy, most people craves a life where they can change lives, help others, and fix something that’s broken to feel fully fulfilled and happy.

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