Top 5 Perfect Solutions For Your Content Marketing Automation

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Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads. How? Because it does not scream “Our brand is the best”. Instead, it lets the viewers decide if your brand is the best depending on the type of content your brand provides. The better your content marketing strategy, the more viewers you get. 

While content marketing includes everything from content ideation to execution, it also includes making necessary changes to the strategy post-analyzing performance. To ideate, strategize, post, and analyze can take a lot of time and resources. Since there are many channels to market your content, following these steps for each can get tedious. 

This is where content marketing automation comes into the picture. What if you could use certain automation tools while executing your content marketing strategy? You can utilize that time into creating better content strategies so that automation tools can execute them efficiently. 

For example, you want to add a voice-over to a youtube video. You can either hire a transcriptionist or do it with the help of automation tools. You can convert text to speech online with Murf. Many such automation tools provide you with customized features and let you create voiceovers in minutes. 

Using a text-to-speech converter is one way to minimize the time. Similarly, you can use many such tools to automize different tasks. There are tools for content ideation as well. Let’s have a look at five ways you can automize your content marketing: 

5 ways to automate content marketing

Using these five ways will make your content marketing strategy smoother and more efficient. You can use any or all of these solutions depending on your brand needs. 

Use video to text transcription tools 

Source: Statista

As seen in the graph above, video consumption has kept on increasing year by year. In fact, as per Statista, by 2022, online videos are likely to make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.  This means you need to focus on generating more number of videos without compromising on the quality. 

While you have many tools to create and edit videos, without adding captions or subtitles, you won’t be able to reach a wider audience. This is where you need to use video to text transcription tools. They will help you generate captions in minutes and this will help make your content search engine recognizable. 

If you are posting a Youtube video with subtitles, Google will rank your link higher. Even while posting videos on social media, adding subtitles is always a wise option as SEO is all about optimizing your content to make it more visible. 

Automate sending newsletters


Without a doubt, email marketing campaigns are still by far the best way to keep your customers engaged. It is worthy to note that 78% of marketers have witnessed a rise in email engagement over the past year. Newsletters are an integral part of email marketing strategy. 

You want your customers to know about your brand updates, discounts and offers. This doesn’t mean you should be sending generic emails to all the customers. Thankfully, there are tools that not only create and send emails but also help you personalize emails as per customers. 

These tools help in managing subscribers and also measure performance. Moreover, some tools also send out emails after the occurrence of specific events. However, before choosing software, you need to know the scope of your business and make a purchase based on the price, features and subscriber limit. 

Use SEO tools for efficiency

“Your brand is not what you say it is. It is what Google says it is. “  –Chris Anderson 

Today, creating content solely will not bring you viewership. After all, you want to sell and generate revenue, right? To let your brand create a buzz among people, Google needs to rank your page among one of the most searched pages. To do so, you need to embed keywords and queries that Google will identify.  

For example–you’ve written a blog that offers tips on how to take self-care. There must be a hundred blogs written on the web on similar lines. Your job is to stand out from those hundred. You can do so by using some SEO tools like Google Console and SemRush. They will let you know if you are using proper keywords or not and also keep a tab on your SEO. 

Give these tools a try and see the difference that it makes. 

Automate social media marketing 

There are about 1 million Facebook users logging in and about 87,000 people tweeting, as per the research done by Digg. This shows that keeping up with customers’ ever-changing preferences can become a task. If you want to post a video on LinkedIn and Instagram, you can either go on those platforms to publish or you can use a tool that does it at the same time.  

You can automate tedious tasks from posting content to analyzing performance using a social media marketing tool. It helps you save time as you can keep users engaged and know how your content is performing on all social media platforms from a single platform. 

Some automation tools even help you get current trending topics and let you know what resonates with your target audience.

These tools help you schedule posts in advance so that you don’t have to keep doing repetitive tasks time and again. Since it is automated,  you can be at your customer’s disposal 24/7. With its performance metrics, you will know how the audience is responding to your content on different platforms. Based on these insights, you can make changes to your content marketing strategy if needed.  

Automate customer service 

You may think how is customer service a part of content marketing? Well, let’s not forget content marketing shouldn’t just aim to attract new visitors but also to retain the old ones. Your strategy should be such that you keep increasing your viewership while not losing your current viewer base. Customer service helps you with that. 

Ideally, you would reply to a customer query on a social media platform. But how will you cater to thousands of such queries single-handedly? In order to do so, chatbots or live chat tools come to aid. They help users in finding content on your website. Customers can make conversations with these AI-powered tools either via text or voice messaging. 

These bots can resolve customer queries, and educate them if needed. This directs visitors to relevant links within your site and increases the user engagement rate. 

Also, remember the power of video content while educating your customers. Be it in your emails or on a social media platform, you can provide value to your customers by adding videos to your content marketing strategy. If done the right way, a video can get viral and bring you more traffic. 

Wrapping up 5 perfect solutions for your content marketing automation 

Content marketing is indeed crucial for any business today. Be it a solo content creator or a firm, the right content marketing strategy will bring you results. Automation is to do it efficiently. Automating content marketing with the help of tools can help you nurture and generate better leads, personalize the customer journey and provides you with reliable data to make smarter decisions. 

However, automation may not be required for all businesses. 

If you are a social media content creator, then investing in SEO tools might not be the best call since you usually will work on video content. While SEO would be useful for a brand that aims to generate leads from the textual content. Knowing your business needs is the key to understanding if or not you require content marketing automation and which steps need automation. 

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