“What do you do?”

You can probably answer this simple conversation starter in your sleep. But what if the question becomes:

“What does your company do?”

This is where branding plays a crucial role. As an introduction to your business, your brand has to answer this question in a clear and compelling way.

But is your brand identity clearly communicated by your logo, typography, color palette, website, tagline, and other visual assets? Do you have a brand strategy in place that can help you reach out to your target audience and communicate your unique selling proposition?

If you wish to create an appealing brand for your startup, you can opt to go the DIY route or hire a professional agency. For the latter, you need a brand company that can transform your ideas into an effective brand strategy and attractive marketing assets – without straining your resources.

Look no further than ZeBrand, a brand-building platform that will help you build a powerful identity for your emerging business.

Easy and practical branding, your way

ZeBrand consists of experienced designers, entrepreneurs, and communicators whose goal is to make branding accessible to everyone, regardless of background or budget. Their aim is to help you, the business owner, express your identity and succeed by leveraging a brand that is yours alone.

ZeBrand offers a service that is not limited by traditional branding barriers. This is branding that offers more agility, practicality, and control to the individual, allowing you to take the reins and brand however you want.

You only need to sign up on www.zebranding.com (it is free!) to explore and find out how this creative platform works. Upon signing up, you will be asked questions such as:

  • What words best describes your brand?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your preferred colors?
  • What are the goals of the brand?

Take time to think about your answers. Your input will allow the platform to create customized branding for your startup that will pack a punch during your launch and sustain business growth.

Your one-stop branding agency

Why coordinate with multiple suppliers and agencies when you can streamline the whole branding process? ZeBrand offers brand design, downloadable assets, brand strategy, and consultation with experienced brand coaches.

ZeBrand uses a technological approach to help you make the right decisions about brand design and strategy. Not only is the process easy, but you can also expect quick results. The user-friendly platform allows you detailed control over the way you present your brand identity, including:

  • downloadable photography
  • fonts
  • design files
  • website and presentation templates
  • social media kits
  • brand guidelines

Need a personal touch? You can consult brand coaches for advice, ideas, and strategies that will ensure you meet your goals. All these services are available in reasonable pricing packages for small and emergent businesses.

ZeBrand plans to match your needs

ZeBrand offers three types of plans, depending on your budget: Starter, Premium, and Enterprise.

The Starter plan will cost you nothing. You do not even need a credit card when signing up for this one – it is absolutely free! The Starter plan serves as an introduction to ZeBrand’s features, including:

  • Brand Design that one can view and edit
  • Brand Strategy that one can view and edit
  • Brand DNA and Reflection Boards that can be viewed, edited and downloaded.
  • Downloadable fonts
  • Downloadable photography
  • Public viewing access
  • Unlock more Brand Design

The Premium plan allows complete control over building one’s brand without breaking the bank. At $600 per quarter, the Premium plan contains the features one will find with the Starter plan plus:

  • Brand Strategy where one can view and edit ALL Strategy boards
  • All Brand Strategy Boards download
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Unlock more Brand Design and options
  • Logo
  • Social media kit
  • Presentation templates
  • Website templates
  • Brand Assets with a three-month download access
  • One-on-one Brand Strategy coaching session (45 minutes session)

The Enterprise plan is designed for larger teams or businesses that expect rapid expansion. Enterprise clients get everything on the Premium plan plus more services and features, including:

  • Managing multiple accounts for teams
  • Availability for an annual contract and custom pricing
  • Joint online events

If you are interested in this plan, you need to contact ZeBrand for pricing, which may vary depending on your needs. More information on the enterprise plan can also be found here.

Want a glimpse of how ZeBrand works before signing up? Check out this demo movie YouTube and see what this platform has to offer. For more information, you can also browse the ZeBrand blog.  Peruse customer feedback, discover latest features, and read interviews with the CEO and brand coaches.

Takeaway: Brand for growth with ZeBrand!

ZeBrand, with its easy-to-use platform, affordable plans, and customizable brand design and strategy, is definitely worth checking out. The Enterprise plan would work perfectly for larger or more ambitious firms, while the Premium plan would make a worthy investment for startups in a competitive market.

The Starter plan is not only a good way to try out the platform for free, but also a viable option for entrepreneurs or freelancers with limited budgets. You can also choose the Starter plan if you already have an existing web design or logo but would like to improve how you present your brand identity and vision.

You do not need to be a designer or web developer to have a powerful brand identity. With this tech-driven branding platform, new enterprises get quality service without worrying about excessive fees. Overall, ZeBrand is perfect for those who are just starting a business or would like to remain top of mind for customers for years to come.


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