How Copywriting Can Get Your Business More Clicks, Sales, and Profits!
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You might not know it, but copywriting is everywhere.

An ad for your favourite product, the latest movie you went to watch, even the podcast you listen to on the way to work. Every form of content you can think of is formed around good copywriting.

Because it’s everywhere, it’s often taken for granted. Remember – there is a difference between words on a page and copywriting.

Words are powerful. In the business world, gaming, advertising and even in sports. Customers get swamped with messages and examples of copywriting every day, which means they struggle to take it all in.

Here is why copywriting is important:

What’s so important about copywriting?

Good copywriting can have an impact on a business’s bottom line. It can be through a unique advertising campaign that drives revenue or a new website that helps a business achieve its goals by persuading potential customers to make a purchase. There’s no doubt that embracing copywriting and finding good copywriters can lead to an increase in profitability.

How does Copywriting benefit businesses?

There are several reasons why businesses need to get onboard the copywriting bandwagon:

  1. It engages your customers at the point of sale
  2. Captures the attention of customers
  3. Relevant content will keep customers engaged longer
  4. Communicate how you can solve a customers problem
  5. Provides them with a call to action

Above all else – good copywriting is written with the customer at the centre of everything.

Why your business can get left behind if you don’t utilize the power of copywriting.

Majority of people are aware of what copywriting is – however they lack the understanding of its impact on business success.

Many businesses will put together content for their marketing campaigns and websites with little strategy or thought behind it. They just hope that people will engage with it and that it might lead to sales. Then they’re left scratching their heads as to why they see no ROI.

Stop and think for a minute about how your business approaches copywriting?

Does your business consider how important good copywriting is? Is your business aware that copy can be your most valuable sales person? Good copywriting can turn a vaguely interested person into a customer, and with enough good content even an advocate.

Copy is also a key part of your branding 

Your brand defines who your business is. It is your unique identity that forms how customers perceive your business.

The power of brand is not solely in the logo, colours or design – the copy is a key component also. The copy sets the tone and style of the logo and provides the company tagline.

If you have a great design and logo but lousy copy – the brand will suffer. Customers need the copy to form an emotional connection with what you’re offering them. How many times have you been to a website and then casually rolled your eyes as you scroll through mind-numbing content? It happens more than you’d like.

The copywriting needs to reflect the brand just as much as the design and logo. Together they are the perfect match.

Effective copywriting engages your audience

Businesses all want to engage with their customers through the multiple channels they have available to them. However, they will only willingly interact with your brand if you display how your product can solve their need. Your copy will help with this by forming a connection with your customers that makes them want to engage and learn more.

Is copywriting the same as selling? 

They need to be treated as one in the same! In fact, copy is available 24/7 to provide answers to your customers and even educate them. Here’s how:

  • Answer customer problems with your FAQ document
  • Provide informative information in an approachable format with your blog
  • Solve their problems with your website
  • Provide a glimpse of your offering in an ad
  • Entertain and educate with your video content

If your sales copy sucks, then guess what? People WON’T buy from you!

Your business needs better copy – no questions asked!

Every single person digests content in one way or another. Whether it’s through reading, listening or watching – content is crucial to our decision making. That’s why copy is so important. Your customers have plenty of copy to consume every day – so if your copywriting isn’t up to scratch, you can bet that your competitors will capitalize.

Do you want to write better sales copy?

Are you an entrepreneur who wants more clicks, sales, and profits? Do you struggle with writing sales copy from scratch? Does the thought of writing ads, emails or sales letters make you break out in a cold sweat (and run for the door)?

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Even better news is you can claim your copy for FREE!

Even if you think you’re terrible at sales… Even if you’ve tried selling online before and failed miserably… Even if YOU think couldn’t sell your way out of a wet paper sack… This book can help turn you into an online sales ninja, no matter what you sell!

It’s THAT good!


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