The Beginner’s Guide On Instagram Influencer Marketing – How To Find & Evaluate A Good Influencer For Your Marketing Campaign

Instagram has been considered the most popular platform for the majority of influencer marketing over the past few years. As of 2017, it was reported that Instagram influencer marketing had risen to a $1 billion industry. It has also been reported that by 2019, these numbers will double. Research has shown that this year alone, Continue Reading

Is Email Marketing Dead and Should I Build An Email List Now?

Some business owners believe that email marketing is a thing of the past.  With the onslaught of social media and other forms of communication, emails seem less than impressive.  What these people are overlooking, emails are still one of the most powerful ways of communicating.  Think about it, every social media site requires their members Continue Reading

Life Changing Skills You Can Learn On SkillShare For FREE*

You probably have heard the saying “The best investment you can make is in yourself.” I certainly agree with that quote 100%. By improving your talents, skills and abilities, you’re investing in something that you will always have; nobody can tax it or take it away from you. Markets can crash, stocks and bonds can Continue Reading

Why most people failed at their first online business & how I’m making a full-time passive income selling T-Shirts

Since I post a lot of content about entrepreneurship and business, I have found  that a lot of my followers @entrepreneurshipfacts are eager to start a business. However, many do not know what to start, or lack the capital required to do what they really want, and many have little if any experience in business. Continue Reading

The Three Financial Roads – The Millionaire Fastlane Book Reviews

Don’t let the get-rich-quick title fool you. Millionaire Fastlane provides cogent, in-depth instruction into the types of businesses and sales channels you should focus on. Written by MJ DeMarco, the book relates the story of his journey from an hourly limousine driver to becoming an online business owner who earned the ability to separate his time from Continue Reading

ConvertKit vs AWeber: Which One Is A Better Email Marketing Service Provider?

Over the past few years, ConvertKit has become the email marketing tool of choice for professional bloggers. Some of the most well-known bloggers online, such as Joanna Wiebe from CopyHackers, have switched from AWeber or MailChimp to ConvertKit. What makes ConvertKit so special? Why would huge bloggers take the time and the effort to switch Continue Reading

Full Review of ConvertKit – The Perfect Email Marketing & Automation Tool

Email marketing has been declared dead many times. But it remains an effective, efficient medium for delivering a message to your target customers. A study performed by Capterra found that $1 invested in email marketing returns an average of more than $44. That is an excellent reason for you to find the best email marketing Continue Reading